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Our Brand of Supplements are Quality Products You Can Trust...Period

Natural Food Exchange is proud to present to you our complete line of supplements and tinctures. You will find no better products of their kind anywhere in terms of quality of ingredients and efficacy. We partner with over 50 of the best raw material suppliers in the world, and you'll see their trademarks on our bottles. Our products are rigorously tested by an FDA inspected laboratory, so you can rest assured that the supplements are pure. This independent testing also allows you to know that you are purchasing the exact product and potency listed on our label.

It is estimated that 80% of the herbs sold in supplements in the U.S. are coming from China, with too little or no FDA testing. This allows many contaminants through, and puts into question the overall safety of the products purchased in the mass market. The herbs in our supplement line are standardized European herbal extracts only and adhere to stricter standards than those mandated by the U.S.

Consumers need to be able to ask their supplement companies for the origin of their raw materials, and get it in writing. With our brand, we can always provide you with that information, as well as the laboratory assay of the ingredients.

At The Natural Food Exchange we do our best to protect and support you, our customer. We stand between you and the dizzying array of products and information out there. By creating our own line of high quality products, we have used our expertise and intelligence to supply you with the best this industry has to offer.