Digestive Aids For Holiday Eating


It’s nearly impossible to not over-eat during the holiday season. No matter how many pep-talks you may give yourself or how much self-proclaimed disciplinary actions you are determined to follow, most of us tend to succumb to the temptation of flavor, aroma, eating while socializing, and allowing ourselves the usual excuse, “I only eat like this once a year.”

This year, however, we suggest you try something new.

We suggest you prepare yourself with some digestive aids and strategies to keep yourself feeling well and healthy during the holiday season, even if you allow yourself some small indulgences.

A Few Digestive Aid Recommendations:

  1. Drink lots of water with lemon. Start in the morning and then continue with 8oz of room temperature lemon water 30 minute before and 30 minutes after eating. This allows your system to stay properly hydrated without actually interfering or tasking the digestive process.
  2. Don’t overwhelm your plate. Chances are on a holiday there will plenty of food for everyone to have seconds and even leftovers. Pace yourself and leave lots of space on the plate.
  3. Fill at least half your plate with vegetable side dishes. Plant-based foods fill you faster and provide you with optimal micro-nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  4. Exercise in the morning if possible. This will rev-up your metabolism.
  5. Go for a walk after dinner. This stimulates digestive muscles and your metabolism. If you can’t go for a walk, keep yourself active by helping to clean, wash dishes, or clearing the table.
  6. Take necessary supplements for your individual digestive health such as: probiotics, digestive bitters, digestive enzymes, acid soothers, herbal teas, blood sugar normalizers, and liver support. 


Listed below are a few suggestions of products we love that support us through our Holiday eating trials and tribulations…


Marcola Probiotics


Support and alkaline your gut with probiotics a few days before holiday indulging. Coating your gut and enhancing good gut bacteria can calm and nourish your digestive system pre-holiday eating so you don’t add insult to injury (wink, wink).

Ask us in store about our specialty selection of probiotics for children, women, adults, vegan formulas, and seniors, or for specific health concerns.


Floradix digestive bitters













Taking digestive bitters about 30 minutes before eating can greatly improve your ability to properly and comfortably digest your food before eating a large meal and mixture of food groups. Digestive bitters help to stimulate nearly every digestive organ from your liver to your pancreas and even hormonal receptors in the brain. Bitters also work to breakdown and metabolize sugars (like insulin) as well as proteins. Wild bitter greens also work to facilitate gastric emptying and secrete hydrochloride acid production in the stomach aiding to reduce symptoms of acid reflux. The benefits and uses of digestive bitters is vast and can have numerous health benefits.

Floradix is a liquid herbal extract made from prebiotic herbs and foods such as dandelion and artichoke which secretes the digestive juices to fire up. Floradix is also alcohol-free so it’s gentler on your system. Floradix can also be use AFTER a meal as well as to support digestion.

We also like URBAN MOONSHINE DIGESTIVE BITTERS locally sourced and wildcrafted in Vermont. These bottles are beautifully packaged and portable if traveling for the holidays. Also available in spray pocket-sized bottles.

urban moonshine bitters


enzymica digest spectrum













Digestive enzymes help you break down hard-to-digest glutens, caseins, lactose, and fats. If being tempted to eat in large quantities, taking a well rounded enzyme support can reduce bloating and abdominal cramping post-meal. When foods break down more easily in the stomach, it can reduce post-meal fatigue and sluggishness so the body isn’t forced to use all it’s energy, blood flow, and oxygen in the digestive process.

Well-rounded enzyme supports are great;  however, if you know you have trouble breaking down certain foods such as proteins, fats, milk/dairy products, glutens or fibers, there are some wonderful specific enzymes that can help target the individual issue. Stop by the store to ask which is right for you.


digestive enzymes











acid reflux soother










If you struggle with low stomach acid causing occasional heartburn, Enzymedica makes a fantastic on-the-spot remedy that works immediately and effectively. These acid soothers can ensure that you make it through the holiday splurge symptom-free. Unlike doctor-prescribed TUMS or Prilosec (which can damage the esophagus, become addictive, and ruin the possibility of the body producing its own natural acid to breakdown food) these natural remedies WON’T strip and damage stomach mucosal lining or suppress stomach acid from being able to function normally again over time.

GAIA also makes wonderful products to aid with the symptoms and causes of heartburn and works to repair stomach lining and natural acid production over time.

gaia reflux relief












digestive teas


Simple herbal teas that are dense in herbs such as peppermint, ginger, anise, and fennel, can help stimulate the digestive juices to flow and soothe irritation and decrease bloating. Sip these teas after dinner (or in-between dinner and dessert!)

Make sure to use boiling water and cover and steep for 5-10 minutes so that the vapors of the herbs can release, enabling for maximum benefits. You can even sip these teas while you eat.

Herbs such as chamomile teas and lemon balm work as an anti-spasmodic which can help to relax digestive muscles.


sugar metabolizers reduce cravings


GYMNEMA is a medicinal herb known to help reduce sugar cravings over time and balance blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, this herb may not stop your sweet tooth desires for Thanksgiving (as it can take weeks to a couple of months to build up in your system); but with daily use, it may drastically reduce your sugar cravings for the future.

CINNAMON naturally regulates blood sugar levels in the body and provides powerful antioxidants for overall vitality.

MAITAKE is a medicinal mushroom and has been studied to help stabilize blood sugar levels, manage weight and aid with weight loss.

These are all fabulous herbs to consider taking for overall health and support for the holiday season.

NOTE: Always check with your doctor or wellness practitioner before taking herbs.


liver support


If your liver is out of balance, then most likely, so is your digestion. Your liver (as well as your gallbladder) act as the main “operating system” for your entire digestive system. Toxins, bile, nutrients, etc., all must pass through the liver. If the liver isn’t detoxifying properly, it can lead to symptoms of leaky gut, skin conditions, and numerous digestive issues.

Herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion work to gently flush the liver of toxins so it can communicate with other digestive organs to fluidly operate.

MEGAFOOD DAILY PURITY contains a gentle blend of dandelion, schisandra berry, artichoke leaf and more to help nourish the liver while delivering prebiotics to calm the digestive system. Add a scoop to your water, tea, juice or smoothie.

MYCO BOTANICALS LIVER combines milk thistle, turmeric, chaga, reishi, turkey tail and black pepper (for absorption) to support healthy liver function and detoxification.

NOTE: Always check with your doctor or wellness practitioner before taking herbs.


DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by FDA. Consult with your health care provider before making a changes to your diet or taking any supplements. Pregnant women and children must consult with their doctor before taking herbs or supplements.